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It is doubtful there is a place on Earth that has not had a story or two about hauntings of some form or fashion. It is also doubtful that almost no one has not had an opportunity to consider the possibility of restless spirits wandering among us. Hauntings can take the form of something as simple as a cold wave of air moving through the area, voices heard only on electonic recording devices, actual visual embodiment of those now deceased, or events in which objects are moved or misplaced. Our fascination with what happens after death sometimes leads us to attempt communication with the deceased, and chicanery and fraud is the unfortunate result. But what of the evidence which remains that is not intended for profit or gain? Is it all in our imaginations, or are there really among us those who cannot or will not sleep peacefully in their graves?

New Borley Rectory
The most haunted house in England

Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation Home Page
Internet's Largest *FREE* Spirit Energy Photograph Website!

Electronic Voice Phenomenon
This phenomenon is the recoding of apparent supernatural voices, some of which are audible, on magnetic tape

Ghosts Of The Prairie - American Ghosts and Hauntings
Books, tours, discussions, photos, merchandise and much more

Karen's Ghost Page
Photos and extensive list of links to other ghost pages

Lone Star Spirits
They have been tracking the ghosts and the paranormal all over the state of Texas since 1998. Lone Star Spirits has investigated reports of hauntings all over southeast and some of central Texas.

Madison Ghost Busters
Madison Ghostseekers Society(formerly Madison Ghost Club) is a non-profit group dedicated to the investigation and recording of paranormal activity and folklore in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

The Shadowlands: Ghosts and hauntings
Over 4100 true ghost stories - submit your own stories, sounds, pictures

New Story Of A Ghost Song
Hot Posse's song about a lady ghost. Read Jeff Knabel's account of his encounter with this ghost.
Listen to and download U Don't Know by Hot Posse: U Don't Know by Hot Posse

The WWW Virtual Library: Archive X, Paranormal Phenomena
The Virtual Library's archive of ghost stories and folklore

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